How To Know When Your Soul Mate Is Thinking About you

Are you ready to hear the deep dark secret to finding out if your soul mate, your twin flame, your lover or your  lost love is thinking about you and fantasizing about you? Are you feeling an intense energy in your chest area when you think about your soul mate, your twin flame, your lover or your lost love,  secret crush or even potential lover? Are you feeling the intense energy in your sexual area?

Here are signs that your lover, lost love, soul mate, twin flame or secret crush is thinking about you. You suddenly think about him or her, and  then you feel an intense energy in your chest area. That is your lover, lost love, soul mate, twin flame or secret crush thinking about you. At that moment in time, whatever you are feeling is what he or she is feeling. Are you missing him or her at that moment? Well, the feelings are mutual, because he or she is missing you at that very moment as well. IT IS NOT JUST YOU! Are you dreaming about him or her, and it feels very real. That is another sign that he or she is thinking about you. 

You could be thousands of miles apart, have been broken up for many many years or are a block away from each other,  it does not stop your  souls from connecting emotionally and sexually. Your souls are carrying on a relationship on the Astral Plane day and night. I am sure that it feels like your lover or lost love  is in the same room  with you when you feel this intense powerful all consuming energy in your chest area and in your sexual area..  Your souls are carrying on a soul mate/twin flame relationship  from memories of your past lives together. They are kissing, making mad passionate love, dancing. etc. Our souls don’t know how to let go. It makes it difficult to move on. That is if you even want to move on.

The idea that somebody can share my soul space has always been intriguing to me. When you feel someone thinking of you, that soul at that very moment in time is sharing your soul space and speaking to you from their heart. At that moment what you are feeling is exactly what they are feeling. You are having soul to soul communication with them.  In the 30 + years I have been doing readings for my clients, the bulk of my readings have been on  soul mates and twin flames and what a soul connection is feeling about them.  My clients ask me all the time is he/she is their soul mate or twin flame. ONLY YOU can know and feel the twin flame connection between you. The twin flame energy is very sacred and very powerful. If YOU feel he/she is your twin flame, then YES he/she is your twin flame (no doubt about it). 

We all have more then one soul mate; and since we are in charge of our own reality;  why shouldn’t we have more than one Twin Flame that shares our soul space. Everyone’s reality is different, special and unique to them. There is no right or wrong  belief  to have for our own special and unique reality. We create what we believe.

Our Souls live inside our physical body, and our souls travel from lifetime to lifetime and body to body leaving behind broken hearts and beautiful relationships from past lives that result in positive or negative karma. These soul connections are very powerful and very difficult to resist, because our souls are experiencing timeless love, which is eternal.  We have more then one soul mate connection in your lifetime. In fact you have many soul mates in your lifetime, and many times in your lifetime you cross paths with lost souls from previous lifetimes. Your soul  falls in love with the familiarity of the other soul connection, and it brings into this lifetime the issues and karma from past lives, and then there are wonderful times when your souls create a lifetime connection full of joy and contentment. The softness between you is when your souls are communicating.  Your souls could have been friends, siblings, lovers, enemies in past lives here to straighten out the karma. Sometimes it is not easy and creates chaos, and other times it is very easy.

When I do my feelings psychic medium readings for my clients, I am channeling the soul of the person you are asking about, and I channeling their softness and their energy whether it be soft, loving and romantic or sexual and erotic. As your love, sex and romance and soul mate psychic, I can help YOU to uncover the truth about his/her feelings for you whether they are just sexual or romantic.

After you have purchased your love psychic  medium reading,  I will channel his/her deepest most hidden  thoughts, feelings,  fantasizes and intentions towards you, and you will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you. Are you ready to hear the deep dark secret to finding out if your lover or lost love is thinking about you and fantasizing about you?

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