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Kissing A Hot Stranger Dream


Although I am used to programming my dreams every night, I have been cutting back on dream programmingI, because I have been working very hard in my dreams. As a result, I have not been sleeping as well. I did ask God and Archangel Raphael to wrap me in their sleeping and healing energy, so that I could sleep uninterrupted throughout the night. I woke up with the following dream, and I even slept uninterrupted through the night.

I was in bed sleeping, and suddenly a man crawled into my bed, and he is holding me, and we started kissing. I am unable to see him at first, and I have no clue who he is; however, the passion was there. I asked him if he was single, but I do not remember his response. All of a sudden, I am able to see him, and I said “Oh” to myself or out loud. He looks younger then me, and he is quite handsome. I am quite pleased, but I have no clue who he is. He feels so familiar to me in my dream like I’ve seen him before with a buddy of his who was in the distance. I just can’t place him though. He is wearing a very bright colored red shirt and a bright colored blue pair of shorts. We continue to kiss. Suddenly, he tells me that he has to go; and he leaves. That is when I woke up.


A part of me is surprised that this man (a soul) appeared in my bed and we were kissing even though I should not be surprised. After all, I have been repeating an affirmation since Monday for bringing in a life partner and soul mate. It appears from this dream that I recognized him possible from a past life, I kept thinking in the dream that he felt so familiar to me. I got a glance of him and his buddy, and I felt like I had met his buddy before. in this lifetime, I do not know him. He feels very familiar. We connected by kissing. He was younger then me, with dark hair. I am in my 60’s, so any man that I would meet that is close enough to my age would have grey hair unless he dies it. In my eyes he looked very handsome, so I am happy about that. His colorful outfit could be showing me that he has a very colorful personality, and I feel that he is a lot of fun. He spoke to me. I asked him if he was single, but I cannot remember what he told me. I sense that a soul mate is coming in, and time will tell when he arrives..


On Monday, I listened to a video interview on Arielle Ford, the author of “The Soulmate Secret”. after her video, and per her recommendations, I wrote down my vision of what it would feel like to be in a life partner relationship with my soul mate. Writing how it would make me feel, made it very real for me, and I was able to connect with the feeling. I also did her golden cord method, and I plan to do it again. I am also going to be visualizing every day the feeling of being with my soul mate in a life partner relationship. After writing it, I blogged it; and then I put it under my pillow. Read it here.

I then had an AH HA moment. In the past, I have repeated the affirmation “I am now in the perfect relationship for me with the perfect man for me”. I now realize that this is absolutely the wrong affirmation for me to repeat, since I have been attracting emotional unavailable to men to me. I married my very first boyfriend at 19 to get out of the house. His parents wanted to get rid of him due to a mysterious illness that he was hiding. My family recognized that something was wrong with him, but I did not want to see it. I remember standing at the alter, and realizing that I was making a huge mistake. After we got married, I went into shock. I felt paralyzed, and I could not eat. Everything tasted like straw for months and months. Within a few months of being married, I got pneumonia. I was sick for a very long time. I felt trapped and unhappy until I got the courage to walk away from him. Since then, although on the outside it looked like I wanted a relationship, I was choosing men who were unavailable.


Since Monday, I have been repeating the affirmation “I am now with my soul mate and true love in a committed life partner relationship”. I AM committed to getting into a healthy relationship, and letting go the past. I will be reading Arielle Ford’s book “The Soul Mate Secret”. Stay tuned…..

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