My Naked Soul Mate Dream Last Night.

Yesterday, I redid my Vision Board to include “feelingizations”, a term that Arielle Ford (the Author of The Soul Mate Secret) uses as a way visualizing a relationship by experiencing the feeling of already being in the relationship. My vision board kept falling off the wall until I realized that there was not enough feelingization on my vision board, so I redid it. Now it is on the door to my bedroom.

Last night, I decided to program my dreams with Moon Goddess Selene (healing Goddess) and Archangel Chamuel (Archangel Of Love). I asked them to introduce me to my Soul Mate and True Love on the Astral Plane, someone who is ready to have me as a committed life partner in his life.

My dream was long, but I only remember a brief snippet of it right before I woke up at 5:40am just as my Soul Mate Vision Board fell off the door. There is this man. He is tall, slim and in very good shape. He is also quite naked (like me), and has a bare naked chest. We’ve had feelings for each other before, and we have decided to give our connection a chance. We are standing naked waiting to get into a restaurant. We are hugging. When I put my arms around him, they go around his waist. I can tell that we love each other, but I can tell that he is a bit surprised and caught off guard.

Somehow we connected when my dream guides brought him onto the Astral Plane to meet me when we were both sleeping. Neither one of us had anything on, since he probably sleeps naked too. He seemed surprised.

Since I am a nudist living in a clothing optional resort in Florida, I added to my vision board that on our bucket list is Cap D’Adge in France, a naked city with banks, schools, grocery stores, etc. I would show you my vision board; however, it has a picture of Cap D’Adge with a naked couple on the beach. Nudity is not allowed on my website, since I have Paypal on it. I also cannot have direct links to nudity on youtube or any other website.

Since there is no one in my present life that would be a great life partner, I can only assume that he is from a past life. I do not recognize him from this lifetime. This is the second dream in the past couple of early mornings right before I woke up that I have had in which I connected with someone in my dreams. Click here to read my “Kissing A Hot Stranger Dream” from a couple of days. When I have connected with a man like that in the past, they eventually appeared in my life, and the connection was strong. I know he is on his way.

I am also repeating an affirmation 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again out loud “I am now in a committed life partner relationship with my soul mate and true love”.