The Asian & The Butter Dream

I had this dream a few nights ago, and I truly believe that this was about the Corona Virus, which seems to have originated in Wuhan, China. I did not program my dreams like I usually do, because I felt like I needed some good restful sleep.

In my dream, I was working for an Asian man, and he was very stressed out and upset. He gave me some file folders, and he told me to put butter on the top of each file folder. When i came back to work the next day, he was gone. I couldn’t even remember his name. When I asked what happened to the man that was there the day before, I was told that he left. People were watching me as I put the butter on the top of each file folder. I then went outside, and all these cats were near the stars.

In my interpretation, I sense that this corona virus situation, which started in China, is going to eventually melt and go away. The cats were loving and gentle, and they gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. The feelings that I got was that they were trying to tell me that everything was going to be ok.

If any of you have had dreams about the Corona Virus, please add your dream to the comments.