I always find Pink Chick Psychic amazingly spot on. Her readings are filled with rich insight and details that always makes me as: “how did she know that?”. This helps me in decision making. If a potential relationship isn’t right or has run it’s course, I have the confidence to leave it behind. Pink Chick Psychic for me is better than a therapist (who might only listen for hours without offering any advice that actually works). Her divine Source derived wisdom is often just what’s required for me to take a step forward or a step back from a situation or a person. As human beings with insecurities and self-doubt, we sometimes think unconsciously that it might have been our fault. Or that we were somehow not good enough. Sometimes we don’t listen enough to our inner wisdom or intuition. But Pink Chick Psychic helps erase those doubts as she tells us exactly what that person is thinking, right down to the exact words they have used in conversation with us prior!