Oy Vey! Psychic Reading

My Beautiful Dream Blog Has Disappeared.

Hello everyone! In the last week or so, my beautiful dream blog of many years disappeared; and in spite all attempts to recover it by my webmaster, it could not be saved. I am now creating a new blog, and it feels like a new beginning for me. Luckily enough I journal my dreams every morning. Soon I will be blogging my dreams again, and other great information.

This is no longer my license plate number, and yes that is my beautiful hot pink car. Can you tell what my favorite color is?.

I am a professional psychic medium with my prime focus on love and relationships, soul mates , twin flames, and their feelings for you + future love predictions. I am also a Usui Reiki Master, and a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner (through Denise Linn). Becoming a dream coach,learning how to program my dreams and now teaching others how to heal themselves through their dreams changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

I was born and raised in Southern California, and then 16 1/2 years ago on a whim I moved to the Tampa area of Florida to live in a clothing optional resort. I’ve never looked back. I love living here. It is never boring. I have a closet full of clothes that I NEVER wear, so I go on singles cruises just so I can get all fancied up. I will soon be going on my 5th singles cruise, and I cannot wait. I also love going to personal growth workshops (on and off line), so I can continue to learn and grow. I know that I am a never ending work in progress, and I am loving the journey. I am nearing the end of my 60’s, and I am never going to stop taking workshops and evolving. Last year, I woke up one morning thinking “Why do I always say I am not creative. I am creative, and I am going to start making earrings. Since I have discovered the creative side of myself “making pink earrings”, I am now selling them in my Poshmark Closet..

I believe that there is a Goddess within each one of us ready to be unleashed. Do we need permission? Heck no! Let’s fly!

Let’s celebrate the Goddess within us!