Erotes Empowerment

Love, Sex & Desire

They aree a multiplication of the primal Eros. Their numbers were varied as worded by the Greek 8th Century Poet, Hesiod. His writings were none to be a major source of Greek Mythology, The Erotes were created out of poetic invention, and some are known to not have any distinct mythology of their own.



Erotes Empowerment – Seven winged Greek Gods of Love, Sex and Desire
I AM THE FOUNDER. Incl. the manual and a FREE Love, Sex & Desire psychic reading (no questions).

This attunement comes with a fixed price of $40 due to the 8 attunements that you will receive all in one session. It also includes a freefollow psychic reading. Your attunement will be chi balled to you.


The 7 Gods that you will be attuned to are  Eros, Himeros, Pothos, Anthenian, Hedylogus, Anteros and Hymenaios.

There are 8 different attunements within the Erotes Empowerment. First you will be attuned to the Erotes Empowerment collectively. Then you will be attuned to each of the individual Winged Gods, and there are 7.

The first time you are attuned, you will be experiencing them and their powerful benefits collectively. When you are ready to be reattuned, you can call in one or more of them depending on your personal emotional and sexual needs, desires and goals. When calling in the God’s individually, I discovered that either one or several of the other Gods may be following close behind-especially if they feel they can assist in your meditation. They are a playful and fun bunch; however, they can also be serious as well. In one of my meditations while calling them for them collectively, they played with me and tickled me and then gave me a wonderful shower. I am also working on separate attunement manuals for each of the Winged Gods.

I am the founder of the Eros Empowerment and the Anteros Empowerment (two of the winged Gods), and you will find these attunements in my webstore.




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