Remembering 911

The events of 911 will stick in my memory forever. I lived out in Southern California at the time. I was on AOL and saw that AOL had said that a plane had hit the building, so I turned on the TV and watched the second plane as it hit the building, the building collapse and people running away from the building as the dust overwhelmed everyone in it’s midst. I kept saying to myself OMG those poor people. It felt at first like I was watching a scene from a movie.  At first, the whole concept of what was happening didn’t seem real to me.  It wasn’t until the president grounded all the planes that it became real to me. Our country was under attack; and although it wasn’t an actual bomb like many years ago, it felt like we had been violated and bombed.  I was in shock like everyone else.

I called my mom and went over to her house My brother and his then girlfriend were there as well, and we all watched the events of the day unfolding.. The really weird thing is that a client who actually lived in New York City called me for a reading that morning around 10am, but not for that. She was upset, because of some guy not paying enough attention to her.  She didn’t seem to care about what was happening around her; either that or she was in pure denial.  I didn’t give her a reading that day, because I was too shocked to focus.

I will never forget those lives that were lost for no logical reason. I did not know anyone that was killed in the towers, but my heart and soul ache for those who lost their lives and for those who lost loved ones.

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