My Naked Intimate Sexy Dream

Two Naked Souls Intimately Connecting Dream

This last Wednesday, I took the first of two free virtual classes on Guardian Angels from Kyle Gray. Kyle Gray is a wonderful angel author with Hay House. Kyle showed us how to communicate with our Guardian Angels, and how to pray with them. Yes, I pray to my Guardian Angels in the mornings when I wake up now. I also go one step further, and I program my dreams with my Guardian Angels asking them to help me in eliminating the unnecessary cords within me that keep me from experiencing a loving soul mate relationship, more prosperity in my life and an improvement in my physical health.

In my dream journey last night, I had a very intimate and naked moment with a man who felt like a soul mate connection. We were sitting in a tantric position very close to each other facing each other. I could have been on his lap. Our hearts and souls were touching each other, but it also felt like I was holding back, and not allowing my soul to totally merge with his soul. I remember that he had freckles. Whoever this man was, we connected on the astral plane. A little later, I was sitting across the table from him, and a woman with the same name as me was sitting next to me to my left. He asked her to go somewhere with him. I saw them through the ceiling window when I looked up. I remembered this part of my dream after I had been up for a short while, which is why it felt hazy to me. In another part of my dream, I was stuffing envelopes, because I was sending invitations out. In the last part of my dream, the resort that I live in (Caliente Resort) decided to duplicate the TV show Top Chef by having a contest. I looked up, and asked someone if they knew about this contest, and she said no, but the man next to her to her left said yes that it was going to be happening. I got excited, and said that I would be going to the club to watch it.


Well, I can honestly say that my Guardian Angels connected me with a soul mate. They were showing me that I was not allowing my soul to fully merge with his soul in order to connect and have a relationship in the physical world. I have been attempting for awhile now to Lucid Dream, but I have not been successful; otherwise, if I was aware enough in the dream, I would have consciously allowed my soul to merge and connect with his soul on an even deeper level, so that we could become one. The fact that I was caught off guard by this unexpected meeting on the astral plane may have had something to do with me holding back.

I feel like I was put on this earth by God and the Angels to help others find love, which is why God gave me my wonderful psychic abilities, and why I feel that my purpose in life is to be a love psychic medium. I have had issues with connecting in relationships since my very short marriage many years ago in which I felt trapped. After that, I never allowed myself to fully connect due to my fear of making another mistake and feeling trapped.

Envelopes to me indicate sending out messages, and my Guardian Angels were helping me in sending messages out to my soul mate that I am available and waiting for him. In the third part of the dream about a Top Chef contest, perhaps I was being shown that this is almost like a contest, and may the best man win. I was looking up asking about it, and a man confirmed it (my Guardian Angel)?

Looking forward to the next Guardian Angel virtual workshop this coming Wednesday.

MAY THE BEST MAN WIN! I’m waiting for you.

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